Temporay or drilling casing is available in various sizes and is flush butt jointed with a square thread entirely within the wall thickness giving a smooth flush line both inside and out. We supply casing to British Standard BS879 - Water Well Casing, but other standards can also be supplied to order.

The Consallen Forager-55/1250 will handle casing lengths of 3 metres but, for ease of man-handling the weights, we normally supply 1.5 metre lengths. Special lengths can also be supplied on request.

The size pictured is 6-inches nominal bore with an outside diameter of 6-5/8" (168.3mm) weighing 40 Kg per metre. Other sizes we suggest for use are 8-inch and 4-inch but inch sizes from 3-inch upwards are available. Each size of casing reqires a casing shoe, casing drive cap, lifting bail and pin, and casing clamps. We suggest that casing thread protectors be used at least on the pin threads to protect against damage during handling.

Temporary casing is normally intended to be withdrawn after use, and in most circumstances the rig, with snatch blocks, will pull the casing out. In some materials, or after heavy driving, this is more difficult, and we can supply hydraulic jacking system for casing removal. 20-ton and 40-ton systems are available. These systems may be either hand or power operated using a suitable external hydraulic power source and valves such as our Hi-Lo power pack with a Yanmar diesel engine. See Power Pack

In some conditions a Casing Rotator can be used to break the frction on temporary casing. This hydraulic machine rotates the casing slowly while drilling takes place inside. With reduced friction,casing may sink under its own weight as drilling continues. Rotation can also assist casing extraction. See Casing Rotator

Heavy Duty Casing Drive Cap with hoisting bail & Pin
Casing Shoe - case hardened
Casing Thread Protector - for pin end of casing - protector for other end of casing also available.

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